Jan 06

A Reason For Dreamers

Are we free to love, or do societies control the ways we love?

Lets consider a time without societies. A time with no currency, no laws. We may have to harken back to the caveman to find such an experience. In that world, men and women have no rules on how to relate to each other. If  two find each other and attraction takes hold, they may untie. In a condom-less world, this union would most likely produce a child. Now there is no religion or king telling these two that they must marry, and it is quite likely that the man will often have such sexual interactions.

We can see that this scenario would not handsomely fit in any structured society. A vast wasteland of looseness.

There is no recorded history of the very first marriage, but lets imagine that a man and woman simply wanted to proclaim their love to the world. To announce their exclusivity. Neither one wanting anyone else in a world where monogamy is unknown. True love.

In structured democratic societies, it almost appears that we are heading back to those caveman days. Not in such a reckless manner, but a more structured looseness. After decades of countless children seeing their parents separate, a generation of detachment has grown. So many have become weary of monogamy and marraige. They see more benefit in being an empowered individual.

How will we evolve from this state? Perhaps the empowered individuals will have no time for children – this would help population control. Or if they’re ready to be parents, that could be arranged. All safeguards taken to prevent the instability of broken homes.

This may be an improvement for children over the ever growing popularity of divorce. And what happens when they grow up, never seeing two people sharing their lives? Only hearing about life long relationships as a thing of the past. Romance a dusty relic of the old age.

What kind of society or world would that be? A world where it it seen as whimsical to fall in love, or folly to dream. A world so pragmatic, that the idea of being in love seems so inconvenient to the empowered individual. The entanglement of relationships only get in the way of one’s progress. Things might be a lot cleaner in such a world. Everything a lot more cut and dry. One can see the benefits of such a streamlined society, but one can also sense the precarious coldness.

There is a reason for the sun, water, and air. There is a reason for the dirt beneath our feet. There is even a reason for our eye lashes. Could there also be, A Reason For Dreamers?

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